Apple Developer Connection: Java Studio Creator For OS X

Appleis Developer Connection Web site is offering a look into Sunis newly released Java Studio Creator for OS X. The new Java environment uses standard technologies and APIs (application program interfaces) to give developers using OS X a robust yet streamlined environment for the development of Java applications.

The article, Using Java Studio Creator on Mac OS X, gives highlights of Java Studio Creator, pointing out the advantages of using the development tool in OS X. Hereis an excerpt from the article:

Java Studio Creator is an easy-to-use visual tool for developing Web applications with Java. Designed for the corporate developer who needs to be productive and doesnit have the time to learn the details of Java technologies, the product combines the Java integrated development environment with a rapid visual designer, a smart code editor, synchronized editing, and easy deployment resulting in rapid iterative development of Web applications.

Java Studio Creator on the Mac is an excellent on-ramp to Java for any developer and an easy way to build Web applications in Java. Built on the solid foundation of the NetBeans developer platform and proven Java standard technologies like JavaServer Faces and JDBC Rowsets, Java Studio Creator provides visual access to databases and Web services, creating a complete Java development and deployment solution for portable applications, portable source code, and portable developer skill sets.

There is much more in this article, including an overview of how easy it is to create a simple Java application, then add features. While any technically inclined reader will find the article interesting, it is primarily geared towards programmers. Stop by Appleis Developer Connection Web site for the full article.