Apple Developer Connection Posts Article on Using X11

The Apple Developer Connection (ADC), Appleis developer relations arm, has published a new article on using and working with X11. X11 is a Linux and Unix windowing system supported natively in Mac OS X, and the article shows people how to get started with it. Ostensibly for developers, the article includes information for any tech-oriented and knowledgeable Mac user looking to learn more about X11.

The article covers:

  • X11 basics
  • installing X11 on Mac OS X, including a discussion on the advantages stemming from integration with both the Finder and Quartz
  • A discussion of the differences between Terminal and xterm, and full screen support
  • Different X11 configurations
  • Examples of building X11 apps from source code
  • Installing binaries with Fink
  • Pointers to other resources

You can find the article at the ADC Web site.