Apple Developers Expecting a Transition That's 'The Easiest of All Those Yet'

Apple developers who have received their Intel transition kits from Apple expect "that this transition will likely be the easiest of all those yet," according to an article at that was repurposed from Software Development Times. In fact, the biggest hurdle likely wonit be making sure their code runs on Intel processors -- it will be the switch to Appleis Xcode development environment, which CEO Steve Jobs mandated in June when he announced the move away from IBM processors.

"Itis like if youire speaking French and you need to learn German," MacSpeech chief evangelist Chuck Rogers is quoted as saying. His company developed its flagship application, iListen, in Code Warrior, which will no longer be updated for use with the Mac.

However, Mr. Rogers does note that switching to Xcode "is something weid be doing anyway," a sentiment other developers interviewed for the article agree with. For example, Bare Bones Software already moved to Xcode two years ago, which means the company wonit have much difficulty ensuring its products run on Intel-based Macs.

Bare Bones CEO Rich Siegel observed: "I think if they had tried to switch from PPC to Intel back In the [Mac OS] 8 or 9 days, It would have been a much bigger challenge for a lot of people."