Apple Donates US$1 Million To Families Of Killed Rescue Workers, iBooks To Families With Kids

Apple has joined the list of corporate citizens that have donated money and merchandise to the victims of last weekis terrorist attacks in the US. In a letter sent to its customers, the company announced it would be donating US$1 million to aid the families of rescue workers who have died in the rescue operations. The company will also be giving iBooks to those affected families with children. The letter from Apple:

Apple is donating one million dollars to the families of the firefighters, police and other emergency response personnel who lost their lives, through the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, we will donate one iBook to each of these families with children this holiday season.

Our thoughts are with those of you affected by the recent tragedy."

Last week, Apple replaced its home page with a message to the victims of the terrorist attacks and a link to the Red Cross. That message is still there as of this writing.

Thanks to Observer Vern Seward for his help with this article.