Apple Drops Education Pricing For eMac To US$779 [Updated]

[Update: Institution pricing for the eMac is US$699, as pointed out by Observer Yo in the comments below, and from others via e-mail. Institution pricing is the price offered to schools, and is not available to individuals. The US$779 price is available to individual customers eligible for education purchasing, as noted below. Thanks to those who wrote in about this. - Editor]

Apple has dropped the price on the eMac to its education customers to US$779. That price is available to individuals who qualify for Appleis education pricing (as opposed to institutional pricing, which is generally lower, and is handled directly through Apple).

The previous price for education customers on the eMac was US$849, making this a US$70 price drop. It also marks a 12% discount compared to retail pricing, which is a higher discount than Apple normally offers education customers.

Retail pricing for the eMac starts at US$999, though the retail model includes a combo drive, instead of a CD-RW drive, and a modem for that price difference. By comparison, Apple charges US$1249 for its base iMac model, 3.8% less than the US$1299 Apple charges retail customers. From an e-mail sent to some Apple education customers:

Appleis most affordable computer for education is now more affordable than ever. New prices start at only US$779 for an eMac with a 17-inch flat CRT display (16-inch viewable) and powered by a G4 processor. For just US$1149, you can get one with a SuperDrive and more speed, memory, and storage. The eMac has always been an incredible value by any measure, and at these prices itis a steal. Its space-saving, all-in-one design fits on your desk at home, school, office, or dorm. Order one today and begin taking advantage of Appleis amazing iLife suite of award-winning applications for everything digital and more.

You can get more information on the eMac at Appleis Web site. If you qualify for education pricing, you can find the Apple Store for Education by clicking on one of the links ( K-12 Store or Higher-Ed Store) at the bottom left hand corner of the retail Apple Store.