Apple Drops New Switch Campaign

Apple Computer has cancelled a new series of Switch ads that were directed by Errol Morris -- the same director that shot the first series of Switch commercials, according to a report at Think Secret. Citing anonymous sources, Think Secret said that Apple was going to capitalize on the "halo effect" by showcasing ordinary people who switched to the Mac because of their experiences with the iPod.

Problems began, however, when Mr. Morris selected 30 people to use in the new campaign and began shooting their statements. Think Secret reported: "iSo few people could speak into the camera,i one source said, adding that -- almost with a sense of futility -- those too nervous ended up being spoon-fed lines."

Tension began to grow between Mr. Morris and Apple executives who were on hand to supervise the filming, according to the report. In the end, Apple decided to drop the campaign for reasons that arenit entirely clear.

Senior Editor Ryan Katz wrote: "iAn unbelievable amount of money was invested in this campaign, you wouldnit believe it,i one source commented. iIt was supposed to be a huge, huge campaign.i Like the original campaign, the new Switch ads were destined for television, print, billboards, and buses."