Apple Drops The Price Of The Cinema Display By US$1000

In what constitutes the other good news aside from the GeForce 3 and Doom III news, Apple announced that the price of the extraordinary Cinema Display was being lowered by US$1000. The Cinema Display is Appleis beautiful 22" flat panel display. The device has been priced at US$3999 since its introduction, and yesterdayis price decrease makes it affordable by a lot more people, though certainly not all. The brief mention from Appleis Cube press release:

Apple today also announced that its award-winning, 22 inch, flat panel Apple Cinema Display™ is now immediately available for an amazing $2,999 (US), down from an original price of $3,999 (US). The largest all-digital LCD flat panel display ever brought to market, it offers a pure digital interface, an extra wide viewing angle and support for true 16.7 million saturated colors.

You can get more information from The Apple Store.