Apple Ending 'Think Different' Campaign, Entering New Ph(r)ase With 'Everything Is Better With A Mac

MacMinute appears to have broken the story that Apple may be retiring the well-used, but award-winning, marketing campaign centered on the phrase, the attitude and the philosophy of "Think Different."

According to MacMinute, Apple retailers have received printed materials, all with the common phrase "Everything is easier on a Mac." Apple also has a newly created web page on the same topic.

The "Easier" page highlights the ways in which Apple says the computing life is more hassle free on a Mac: Surfering the web, sending email, sharing files, wireless networking, managing your music, making movies, making DVDs, organizing photos, and more.

Apple still maintains, however, the web page with the words and text to the original "Think Different" ad, which begins with the words "Hereis to the crazy ones..."

At press time, no other Mac media outlet has confirmed this ostensibly quiet change in advertising and marketing focus in Cupertino. Mac Observers may want to watch this story and chime in (write us or join in the forum discussion on this topic) to see if this markedly major change in marketing theme will be accompanied by an equally major change in advertising tone and subject matter.

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