Apple Exec Stock Selling Doesn't Stop; Schiller Racks Up $4.2M

The buying and selling of stock options just doesnit stop for Appleis executives who are taking advantage of the company stock now sitting in the range of record highs. Phil Schiller, Appleis Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, made an additional US$4.2 million in stock option sales last Thursday, for a total of $8,036,714.10 in stock profit in less than a month.

Mr. Schiller sold 131,250 shares on Thursday, November 4. The options were bought for between $20.39 and $24.60 and sold for $55.00. Mr. Schilleris profit was $4,279,437.00.

Mr. Schiller sold 155,000 shares back on October 18 for a profit of $3,757,277.10, selling his shares for between $45.20 and $45.49 a share.