Apple Finally Addresses Windows Users, Mac Myths... Again

If you happen to be in an Apple Store this past weekend to look at the new iMacs, be sure to also pick up one of the slick iMac brochures, also.

Then turn to the last page for a shock: Apple publicly acknowledges that the Mac is better than Windows.

The brochure has on its last page "A special message to Windows users: Welcome." It consists of replies to six myths about Macs:

Myth 1: Everyone uses Windows

Myth 2: Macs donit work with PCs

Myth 3: The software I need isnit available for Macs

Myth 4: Macs donit run Microsoft Office

Myth 5: Windows has caught up with the Mac

Myth 6: Macs are far easier to use than PCs

Apple has also put the six myths on its web site, found at