Apple Fixes MacBook Pro Problems With Slight Revisions

Early adopters of Appleis new MacBook Pro have been experiencing a variety of odd quirks, such as random drops in AirPort reception and extremely high heat. DailyTech writer Tuan Nguyen has noticed those issues as well, and has verified with an Apple source that some of them "are well known."

"Known well enough in fact," Mr. Nguyen wrote in his blog, "that Apple has already started addressing these issues in updated MacBook Pros." He explained that the serial number gives away which revision a MacBook Pro belongs to: those starting with W8611 are revision D while those starting with W8610 are revision C. He also confirmed that laptops starting with W8612 have started to arrive in stores.

In addition, an Apple representative he spoke with told him that if a MacBook Pro gets hot to the point of being unbearable, "that should not happen. If it is, bring back your MacBook Pro and weill give you an updated version."