Apple Hears The Cries, Releases Downloadable OS 10.0.1 Updater

Appleis recent release of OS X 10.0.1 was generally met with rave reviews. The only major problem, according to some, was that the update was available only through OS Xis Software Update utility. While convenient for many users, those with multiple Macs were required to download the 4MB file for each machine, rather than being able to download the installer once and move it from machine to machine via ZipDisk or by putting it on a local server.

Apple has listened to the complaints, and as many thought, has posted a stand alone installer on their ftp servers for download. TIL article 75125 contains English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese versions of the installer.

Apple has also posted a stand alone installer for a new version of the Software Update utility (TIL article 75126) in question, and it is recommended that you install Software Update 1.3.1 before installing the 10.0.1 update.

The lastest version of OS X contains a number of improvements. According to Apple:

Improvements including better support for 3rd party USB devices, Classic compatibility and overall application stability as well as support for the popular open source Secure Shell service. For Japanese users, an update to the Epson printer drivers is also available.

You can find more information about OS X, and the TIL article with download links for the 10.0.1 installers, at the Apple Web site.