Apple History Site Updated has updated their site to reflect the G4 Cube, and the recent changes Appleis award winning little computer has undergone. offers a comprehensive look at all of Appleis hardware releases, and also offers a brief look back at the history of the company. According to Apple has been updated with the new iMacs! The G4 Cube entry has also been updated, in addition to a few minor corrections.

This site is intended to provide a broad history of Apple Computer, Inc., from the invention of the Apple I in 1976 to the troubled times of the past few years to the current revival. I have attempted to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible in writing it, and it should be interesting to both novice and expert computer users.

Appleis history has been a rocky one, and there have been many ups and downs since the company started in Steve Jobsi bedroom (and later garage). But there is an underlying theme in the history of Apple: innovation. Apple computer has had more industry firsts than any other personal computer company in the world, and it is this innovation that has always set Apple apart from the norm.

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