Apple Hot News: MacJournal Author Wins Apple Design Award

Writing a book destined to be a Pulitzer Prize winner? Tracking data on that experiment that will finally bag the Nobel Prize for you? Or do you just want to keep track of the ponies at Belmont? Dam Schimpf has just the application for you, and itis a winner in more ways than one. Apple Hot News is spotlighting Dan Schimpf because he has won the prestigious Apple Design Award for creating MacJournal, a drag-n-drop OS X journal that offers a laundry list of features. From the Hot News article titled "Apple Design Award Goes To Student Developer:"

Dan Schimpfis company motto -- "Serving the Mac Community for About a Week Now" -- might have been true when the University of Michigan computer engineering student began developing MacJournal, his Mac OS X freeware program. But after taking first place in the first student competition of the 2002 Apple Design Awards, Schimpf will probably have to change his motto. Today Schimpf spends most of his time developing for Mac OS X.

By recognizing outstanding applications developed for the Mac platform during the past year, Apple Design Awards highlight the creativity and innovation of Appleis developer community. Presented during Appleis 2002 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, the awards acknowledged the best new software titles created for Mac OS X during the past year.

The story of Dan Schimpfis claim to fame is an interesting read, so stop by Apple Hot News for the full story, then download MacJournal and take it for a spin.