Apple Industrial Design Not Futuristic Enough For You? Check Out Pyramac

Riscx, a proponent of Macintosh case modifications, has just posted his latest creation, The Pyramac. Based on the Egyptian designed pyramid of Giza, the Pyramac features all the internal working components of a standard G4, but held within an all Acrylic, UV treated case. According to Riscx:

Greetings, Riscx again with another Mac mod I just completed.

Hereis the deal, I took a Graphite Mac G4 tower, completely gutted it, fabricated an all Acrylic case in the shape of the great Pyramid Giza along with UV treatment.

I call it the "Pyramac Project." Sort of a symbolic mod for the G4 transformation into the PowerPC 970,er, G5 :-)

You can find more information about the Pyramac case modification at the Project Pyramac Web site.