Apple Introduces 17", 12" PowerBook Carrying Cases

Apple has added a set of carrying cases for its new 17" and 12" PowerBooks to the Apple Store Hot Deals page. Unlike most of Appleis Hot Deals, the cases and bags are not discounted through the Hot Deals listing, but are brand new to Appleis lineup.

The product line is being made by Brenthaven, a general manufacturer of bags and carrying cases. There are four new bags in all, including the Professional 12 Backpack Case (US$179), the Professional 12 Shoulder Case (US$149), the Professional 17 Backpack Case (US$179), and the Professional 17 Shoulder Case (US$149). All four models are made of "military grade ballistic nylon," and come with multiple compartments.

You can find more information on the bags at the Apple Store Hot Deals Web page. Look for the Hot Deal labeled "PowerBook Protection."