Apple Introduces Apple Branded DVI - ADC Adapter

Apple has announced a new DVI - ADC (Apple Display Connector) adapter, appropriately called the Apple DVI to ADC Adapter. The adapter was announced with the companyis new TiBook line, which includes a DVI-out connector, but no ADC port. Appleis own LCD display line uses the proprietary ADC connector, which combines power, USB, and the video connector in one cable. From Apple:

Apple® today announced the Apple DVI to ADC Adapter which enables customers to use Appleis award-winning line-up of all-digital, flat-panel displays, including the stunning new 23-inch Cinema HD Display, with the new PowerBook® G4 via its integrated Digital Visual Interface (DVI) port. The Apple DVI to ADC Adapter also provides the ability to add a second Apple flat-panel display to selected Power Mac® G4 configurations, including models with the new NVIDIA GeForce 4 Titanium graphics processor.  

"Our PowerBook users have been asking for the ability to connect to our amazing line of all-digital, flat-panel displays," said Steve Jobs, Appleis CEO. "This adapter fulfills that need perfectly by allowing them to up to triple their desktop workspace to 3.4 million pixels in stunning digital quality."

The DVI to ADC Adapter is a compact device that measures 5-inches square and features active components to boost the DVI signal to ensure its integrity for maximum image quality even when running large, high-resolution flat panels, such as the 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display. The adapter includes an integrated power supply, an AC power cord and a 2-meter cable with USB and DVI. The Apple flat panel display is attached directly to the ADC (Apple Display Connector) port located on the adapter.  

Apple hasnit added a specific hardware information page on the new adapter of this writing, but you can find it in the Apple Store under "Displays." Note that the Apple Store is session-driven, which means that any link we provide to pages within the Apple Store itself expire. You can also see an image of the device on Appleis PowerBook Web page. The new adapter is priced at US$149, and is available immediately.