Apple Japan Offers Trade-In Program For Macs, iPods

Apple Japanis Apple Store is running a trade in program for Macs, when you buy a new Mac and iPod. The basic offer appears to be that Apple is offering up to ?50,000 (US$447.39 as of this writing) for your old Mac if you trade it in to an Apple distribution partner named Orix. That includes a bonus of up to ?5,000 (US$44.74) if your Mac is worth less than US?50,000.

We enlisted the generous help of Atsuko "Koko" Walker in translating the page at Apple Japan. That translation (in full):

Youive used your beloved Mac for many years now. But with the new OS, Panther, doesnit it bother you that you donit have one of the newer, faster systems? Or, do you feel that you want the 1,000-songs-in-your-pocket lifestyle offered by the iPod mini?

For those Mac and iPod users, there is good news. We are beginning a Mac and iPod trade-up program. Because this is a real Apple Store, we recognize your upgrades and customizations when your system is being assessed. Storage capacity and music performance time are based on 128kbps AAC and MP3 encoding. Portable players must hold at least 1000 songs based on this criterion to be eligible.

The checking fee is free! [Checking fee: Apple is going to check your computer and say how much worth your computer is] Itis a wonderful chance that you can get 5,000 yen as your profit. If you order a new Mac computer during the campaign, weire going to make a special offer for you: weire going to check your computer, and if the value is less than 50,000 yen unit, weill add 5,000 yen.

The limit is July 31st, 2004. Donit miss it! If you just order iPod, you canit get this offer.

For example, if your computer is worth of 20,000 yen: 20,000 + 5,000 (special offer) = 25,000 yen discount of your new Mac computer.

If your computer is worth of 48,000 yen: 48,000 + 2,000 (special offer) = you can get 50,000 yen discount of your new Mac computer

The steps of this service:

Step 1. Your application to Apple Store Mac trade-up service. This service is provided by Apple Store and Orix. First of all, you have to access Orixis Web page for the trade in [Link is included on the Apple Japan Web site], read the instructions, and submit an application. After that, youill get an e-mail to confirm your application.

Step 2. Send us the computer that weire going to check. A cargo collection agent will go to your home and pick your computer up. Of course the fee is free. Please prepare the copy of the confirmation e-mail and the copy of your ID (Driveris license, etc). Please donit forget to pack the accessories of the computer. (The shortage of the accessories will affect your computeris worth.)

Step 3. The agreement of the result. Weill send you an e-mail and a letter (the contract of buying and selling) and let you know how much your computer is worth. If you agree with the result, please sign and put your hanko [a rubber stamp equivalent to a signature] on the contract and send it back to Orix. Weill send you an e-mail and let you know about the completion of the trade. (If you donit agree with the result, weill send you back your computer. You have to pay the transportation fee.)

Step 4. Order your new Mac and iPod. After the completion of the trade, please call the Apple Store (0120-27753-1) and order a new Mac computer. You have to tell an operator that youire using the trade-up service and your application number which is in your application e-mail. Weill offer the amount of discount from the price of your new Mac computer at that time. (If the total price of your order is less than the trade-up discount price, we canit accept your order.)

You can see Apple Japanis offer at the Apple Japan Apple Store. Apple spokespersons were not available for comment as of press time, and it is unknown if the company will be bringing the offer to other markets.

We found out about this offer through Engadget, who also pointed us to an article at about an iPod trade-in program.