Apple Joins Media Standards Group

Khronos Group announced the newest members to join the multimedia open standards organization on Monday. Apple, Google, and S3 Graphics are among the names on the list. Khronos Group is an organization that includes over 100 companies that are working together to define open standards for dynamic media on devices ranging from cell phones to computers. Other companies that recently joined the group include DAZ3D, Dell, Gremedy, and Codeplay.

"The lines continue to blur between different classes of devices," said Dr. Jon Peddie, president of market research firm Jon Peddie Research, "So it is crucial to have a single body that is able to drive a coherent set of cross-platform standards to create new market opportunities for the entire graphics and media industry."

Khronos also announced that the OpenGL ARB voted to put the OpenGL graphics standard under control of the organization. OpenGL is used in some video games and 3D rendering applications to generate high-end 3D graphics.

Appleis decision to join the Khronos Group will give the company a more active role in creating open media standards that could appear in future Apple products, including the rumored Apple cell phone.