Apple Korea Targets Consumers

In a move to compete for more of the consumer market, Apple Korea has announced a new marketing strategy. According to an article at, the Apple subsidiary, which has been concentrating mainly on the desktop publishing sector, will be using methods first introduced in North America. From the article:

...Apple Korea and its sole local distributor, Dugo Tech, plan to jointly open a Apple Store Experience Center in COEX Mall in August this year.

The new center follows the format of the Apple stores in the United States, and customers will be allowed to fully experience what the firm claims is the best computing system in a very unique user-friendly environment, company officials said.


In addition, Apple Korea opens its online store, at, today.

Apple shifted from having a catalog store to the new online store after witnessing the good result of the catalog store testing.

In an attempt to spur portable sales, price decreases were also announced at the same time.

...the prices of both the 12-inch PowerBook Combo Drive and Super Drive models are down by 180,000 won, the 15.2-inch PowerBook Combo Drive Model is down 320,000 won, and the 15.2-inch Super Drive model is 180,000 won cheaper.

At current currency conversion rates, the discount on the 12" and 15.2" Super drive model Powerbooks is $151.38 (US) and $269.12 for the 15.2" Combo Drive.