Apple Launches .Mac Home Page Creativity Contest, Offers 20 iPod, 1 GB iDisk As Prizes

Apple has launched a new contest to help promote .Mac, and .Macis Home Page feature called the Home Page Creativity Contest. The company is asking for entries for .Mac Home Pages in one of three categories: Creative, Humorous iMovie, and Incredible Pets.

Be rewarded for your creativity. As a .Mac member, you have a shot at winning a 5 GB or 20 GB iPod, plus 1 GB of free iDisk storage, just by showing off your most charming home pages and iMovies. Submit your published home pages in the following categories and you could be a winner!

Apple offers the following descriptions for the categories:

  • Creative - Fabulous photos, wacky invites, fun personal pages - the skyis the limit!
  • Humorous iMovie - 30 seconds of iMovie footage that tickles the funny bone.
  • Incredible pets - Photos or iMovies of your adorable pooch or cutest kitten - all animal species welcome.

You can find more information on the contest at Appleis .Mac site. The rules state that one grand prize of a 20 GB iPod and the iDisk storage, and one second prize, in each category will be awarded, meaning that a total of 6 iPods and 3 iDisks will be awarded. The rules also state that the iDisk storage is conditional on the winner maintaining his or her .Mac account. Check out the rules page for more information.