Apple Launches New Mac/Printer Bundle Promo

Apple has launched another new promo on the Hot Deals page for the Apple Store. The new promo is called "Impress for less," and is a basically a Mac/printer bundle. The company is offering a US$99 rebate when you buy a new Mac with a an HP DeskJet printer. From Appleis Web site:

Purchase a Mac and an HP DeskJet printer, HP Photosmart printer, or any HP all-in-one product between April 2, 2004, and June 26, 2004 -- and get US$99 back. This offer is available at all Apple Retail locations, the Apple Store online and at participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

*Based on $99 mail-in rebate. Store purchase required and is subject to sales tax. The offer is valid for all HP DeskJet printers MSRP $99 or higher and HP all-in-one products and HP Photosmart printer MSRP $149 and higher.

To find the deal, visit the Hot Deals page for the Apple Store, and click on the "Impress for less" link. Earlier this week, Apple launched a US$500 discount offer for Power Mac G5 buyers who also bought a 23" Cinema Display HD. That offer can also be found at the Hot Deals page for the Apple Store.