Apple Lays Off Manufacturing Employees In Laguna Plant

Apple is in the process of laying off some of its manufacturing employees in Luguna, California, near Sacramento. The story was broken on Wednesday afternoon by two Sacramento television stations, KCRA and Channel 10. According to the stories, Apple is laying off up to 7% of its employees at the facility. KCRA reports that the plant employs some 1,800 people, meaning that up to 126 people will be laid off. From the KCRA story:

Apple Computer handed out layoff notices at its Laguna facility in Elk Grove Wednesday.

A senior manager would not say exactly how many workers are losing their jobs, only that the "staff reductions" effect less than 7 percent of workforce.

Additional details were later reported by Channel 10:

A spokeswoman for the company would not say how many workers were affected, however. "All I can tell you is Apple is experiencing minor staff reductions in the normal course of business. Appleis overall headcount continues to grow. This staff reduction affects less than 7 percent of Appleis Sacramento employees." Lynn Fox, senior corp. public relations managers.

Workers at the Apple Computer plant in Laguna said they received layoff notices this morning. According to several Apple employees, layoffs began with the overnight shift and continued through the morning.

Employees told News10 much of the graveyard shift received their pink slips when they arrived. There were more layoffs this morning with the 6 a.m. shift.

Employees said they were told the downsizing is being done to keep Apple competitive in the struggling high tech industry. One employee, who was not among those laid off, said they were warned of possible layoffs earlier this year.

You can find the Channel 10 story, and the KCRA story, at the media outletsi Web sites. Thanks to the many Observers who gave us the heads up on this. You may wish to join the discussion of this issue in our forums.