Apple Legal Moves To Stop Another Aqua Skin

The Register is reporting that Appleis legal representatives have taken action to get a Windows theme, cleverly called "DesktopX," removed from circulation. The DesktopX theme is the creation of Stardock, and Apple has apparently asked that all materials resembling Aqua be removed.

According to The Register:

According to a Stardock newsgroup announcement made by company president Brad Wardell yesterday, Apple has asked for the removal of "anything that even remotely looks like Aqua.

"This ranges from screenshots to even themes or DesktopX objects that can even remotely be considered inspired by Aqua."

Wardell says that pending discussions with Stardockis own legal people itis resisting pulling screenshots and stuff that isnit "directly from Aqua." It is however combing its libraries in search of skins it reckons could be violations of Appleis IP.

The Register also reports that Microsoftis next OS, Whistler, is fully customizable and skinable and we can expect Apple to be on the lookout for any interface enhancements or skins that steal from the Aqua look.

With Microsoft fiddling away with the Whistler UI and skinning-up for all itis worth, Appleis legals will be on red alert for potential infringements. Stardock may just be be collateral damage from sabre-rattling for Microsoftis benefit, but a long time ago Digital Research found itself in a similar position, running up the white flag while Apple went gunning for Windows.

You can find the full story at The Register Web site.