Apple Lets You Submit Your Photos For iCards

So, you got a new 5 megapixel digital camera last Christmas, and since then youive been a photo taking fool. The camera never leaves your side, just in case you happen upon just the right moment, with just the right light. Since thereis no film to buy, you click away with wild abandon, and, to your initial astonishment, youive actually managed to capture some pretty cool shots.

If youire a .Mac user, you can show off your best photos by publishing them on your Web site; now the world can see your digital handy work, and all is good.

Every once in a while, however, you take a photo that is better than the rest. It is so good, in fact, that you think it rivals those taken by National Geographic staff photographers. The photo is so good it literally begs to be shared, not just via a simple Web site, but perhaps as a digital postcard. Once again, if you are a .Mac customer, you are in luck. Take a gander at this monthis .Mac Connection and you will find out how you can submit your finest photos to be used as an iCard, Appleis digital postcard service. From this monthis .Mac Connection:

All Mac users can send iCards to Mac and Windows users alike, but as a .Mac member you get two additional capabilities. One is the ability to create iCards with your own digital images, and the second is the opportunity to submit images for others to use via the Membersi Portfolio. We welcome submissions at all times and encourage you to think of us when you capture especially fresh, lively, interesting shots.

Each submission is reviewed by Apple editors, so make sure you send only your best. .Mac members can get more info at the iCards website.

One more thing about photos: For a limited time Apple is offering free shipping for all iPhoto Book orders. The free shipping deal starts today and runs until June 15, 2004. Stop by Appleis website for more details.