Apple Makes 512MB RAM Standard on Mac mini; Adds SuperDrive Model (UPDATE)

Apple Computer announced Tuesday it is increasing the standard memory on its entry level Mac mini models to 512 megabytes and is adding a top-of-the-line model with a SuperDrive retailing for US$699.

The Mac mini lineup now includes three models: the 1.25 gigahertz (GHz) Mac mini with 40 gigabyte (GB) hard drive and Combo drive retailing for $499, a 1.42GHz Mac mini with 80GB hard drive and Combo drive retailing for $599, and the new 1.42GHz Mac mini with a 80GB hard drive and SuperDrive for burning DVDs and CDs, costing $699.

The top two models of the Mac mini now include built-in AirPort Extreme for 54 Mbps 802.11g wireless networking, along with an internal Bluetooth module, the company said. Previously, these options were extra-priced options.

Except for the addition of the new top-line, SuperDrive model, the entry-level and mid-range models stay the same in terms of processor speed, hard drive capacity, graphics processor, and price.

Apple said the new Mac mini models were "available immediately."