Apple May Be Close to Blu-ray Decision

Apple may be closer to making a decision on Blu-ray, according to ITWire on Monday. Shaw Wu has predicted it, and the move may make sense as Apple seeks way to cozy up to Hollywood.

Apple has officially supported Blu-ray all along, but the Intel chip set hasnit so far. Now, Apple may be close to making the move wrote lex Zaharov-Reutt on Monday. In fact, Mr. Wu has even speculated on a dual HD DVD/Blu-ray device offered by Apple.

However, what Apple customers are really looking forward to is a Blu-ray burner. A standard DVD disc with 4.74 GB for backups is no longer satisfactory, and Blu-rayis 50 GB capacity is very compelling.

Itis not clear where the drives will first appear -- perhaps itis more likely in the desktop iMacs and Mac Pros than an ultra slim notebook.

Another consideration, TMO notes, is the politics. Steve Jobs sees the future of HD TV as Internet downloads, not physical discs. Even so, Apple seems to be in a compromise mood lately, and bringing Sony Pictures on board might require Apple to make a Blu-ray concession. Coming so quickly after CES, Apple shipping Blu-ray drives would certainly be another (perhaps last) nail in the coffin of HD DVD.