Apple May Host Online Film Festival In Near Future

We have our friends at Macworld UK to thank for catching this; it would appear that Apple may be planning an online film festival sometime in the future. According to a press release from eMediaWire, Marc Anthony Massimei will be showing a film called Purgatory, and this is where it gets interesting. The press release says that Purgatory was "produced for Apple Computeris pilot run of the online film festival." Apple has not officially announced such a film festival, but the computer maker has become a big player in the digital filmmaking market. From the press release:

Richard Bagdazian, president of the San Diego Screenwriteris Association (SDSA) announces award-winning director/producer, Marc Anthony Massimei of MAPresents, Inc., will be the featured guest speaker at the next SDSA meeting on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Among the other works to be shown is PURGATORY, a short film Marc directed and produced for Apple Computeris pilot run of the online film festival tentatively scheduled to debut internationally in early 2004 at Marc will also present a behind the scenes look at digital filmmaking on your desktop as well as take questions from those attending.

The press release also offers a quote about the nature of digital film making that might offer further insight on this festival.

"The production quality of Marcis work is quite impressive", says Richard Bagdazian, president of SDSA. "If independent film is of interest to you, you will want to see what technology is making possible to the low budget film maker. Marc has won numerous awards with his work and youill want to check this out."

You can read the full press release at the eMediaWire Web site.