Apple Narrows Version Gap With Web Sharing Update For OS X

Apple has released the Web Sharing Update for Mac OS X through itis Web site and through the Software Update control panel. The update does not alter the build number of the OS, but adds, "enhancements and security improvements to Apache, including support for the case-insensitive Mac OS Extended file system (HFS+), and the latest version of OpenSSH."

The update brings the latest version of OpenSSH, 2.9p2 to OS X. You can check your version by typing "ssh -V" in the terminal. Although Apple catches up with this component, Apache is updated to 1.3.19 when 1.3.20 is the latest stable build. You can verify your version of Apache by typing "httpd -v" in the terminal.

You can find more information and download links for the update at Appleis Web site.