Apple Offers .Mac Users More 'Stuff'

With many .Mac subscriptions coming up for renewal, Apple has been once again adding to the benefits offered to subscribers. The company is now offering a free subscription to VersionTracker Plus, a free download of iBlog, an online journaling application, and a US$30 discount on FireLite FireWire hard drives. From Appleis .Mac site:

Free VersionTracker Plus Subscription

Sign up today to keep your software up-to-date and running smoothly with a free VersionTracker Plus subscription. (chosen by Time as one of the most useful Web sites of 2002) tracks more than 36,000 software products, so youill never miss an update. The subscription gives you a custom page for tracking your software, a download cart, e-mail alerts, and advanced search -- plus membership in one of the most knowledgeable Mac communities online.

Need even more? Try VersionTracker Pro , the must-have for power users. Now .Mac members get half off the US$49.95 retail price.

Free iBlog Software

Youive heard about blogging, nowis your chance to try it. Keep a journal, publish your movie reviews, or be a political commentator with easy-to-use iBlog publishing software (a US$19.95 value), now free for .Mac members. iBlog lets you focus on what you want to say without worrying about formatting, archiving, or site maintenance. With iBlog you can publish your weblog right to .Mac, and integration with iLife makes it easy to add photos and movies, too. Find out more .

Save US$30 on FireWire Drives

The new Backup 2 Public Beta makes it easy to backup your data to nearly any location, including external hard drives. To make this even more convenient, .Mac and the online Apple Store are offering discounts on three SmartDisk FireWire drives, just for .Mac members. Save US$30 on the super-portable FireLite 40GB drive and the 80GB and 120GB desktop drives. Supplies are limited, so take advantage of the .Mac discount today.

.Mac user can take advantage of these offers immediately. For more information stop by Appleis .Mac Web site.