Apple Offers Free PDF-Based OS X Training

Apple seems to be doing everything they possibly can to help users ease their transition to Mac OS X. The Apple Higher Education Web site has posted a PDF-based training document, allowing users to work through some of the new features in OS X at their own pace. The document says Acrobat Reader is required, but if you are using OS X it is not. OS Xis Preview is a fully functional PDF reader. According to Apple:

By combining an easy-to-use interface with a rock-solid UNIX foundation, Mac OS X is an industrial-strength, standards-based modern operating system. Itis engineered for stability, scalability, and reliability ? plus outstanding performance on the Internet. From the core kernel and an advanced I/O subsystem, to protected memory and preemptive multitasking, to speedy file and network operations, Mac OS X can keep your colleges, universities, professors, staff, and students, up and running.

Take advantage of PDF-based training material designed to provide an introduction to Mac OS X and support your transition.

You can find more information at Appleis Higher Education Web page.