Apple Offers Pro Day For Business Customers

Is Apple serious about business and the business professional? The folks at 1 Infinite Loop are offering some really interesting products aimed squarely at the pros; thereis a new workgroup cluster based on the Xserve G5 that is a turn-key solution for bioinformatics, the PowerMac G5 comes with QuickBooks, and Apple has been aggressively courting new (to Apple) IT markets for the last couple of years.

Now the company is promoting what is calls Pro Day. Every Wednesday, at your local Apple Store, you can come in and talk to business specialists and learn how to get the most out of your Mac and other Apple products. Hereis what Apple says about Pro Day:

Make your business more competitive.

If youire ready to empower your business like never before, youire ready for Pro Day each Wednesday. All Apple Store locations are open one hour early. Get the details.

Presentations in April:

  • Managing your customers and contacts on a Mac
  • Creating professional presentations with Keynote
  • Managing your data with the new FileMaker Pro 7
  • How to unwire your business on a Mac

Presentation times vary. Check the Apple Store near you.

Ask for a product demonstration:

  • Managing your finances using MYOB AccountEdge 2004
  • Promoting your business using .Mac and Macromedia Contribute
  • Video conferencing for any business
  • Managing your data with Mac OS X "Panther"

Pro Day is your day.

Designed for professionals, Pro Day presentations offer you a great way to learn about the best technology for business. Visit the Apple Store in April to learn about new Apple products released at the NAB 2004 conference.

For more information about Appleis Pro Day, stop by the Pro Day Web site.