Apple Offers QuarkXPress 6 For US$150 Below Retail

I n our article about the release of QuarkXPress 6 for Mac OS X, we noted that Apple is offering the new software for US$899.95. Thatis US$150 below the retail price of US$1045, and judging by the e-mail we received concerning that note, it obviously warranted a standalone mention (see our full coverage on the release for more information).

Apple kicked off the release of Quark yesterday at a special event at the companyis Cupertino headquarters. Apple is also promoting the release on the home page, and on the marquee spot at the online Apple Store. There is also a dedicated page at Appleis Mac OS X site offering detailed product information.

You can find the software at the Apple Store. The Apple Store engine ties display pages to browser sessions, so to find it, just click on the QuarkXPress ad at the top of the page. If you get another ad in that spot, reload your page for the Quark ad. Alternately, the title is listed at the Apple Store in the Software section, under the "Pro Design" category.

QuarkXPress will ship next week. You can find upgrade pricing information at Quarkis Web site.