Apple Offers Refurbished iMac G4s, iPods At Apple Store

Our site pointed out that the Apple Store has brought back refurbished iMac G4s. The offers are for the 700 MHz and 800 MHz units, and are for US$150 and US$200 less than buying the units brand new. In theory, those units should be available immediately as well. From the Apple Storeis Special Deals page:

  • iMac 700MHzG4/256MB/40GB/CD-RW/DVD-ROM - Refurbished - $1,449.00
  • iMac 800MHzG4/256MB/60GB/CD-RW/DVD-R - Refurbished - $1699.00

5 GB iPods are also available, at a price of US$339, US$60 off the retail pricing of brand new units. You can find the Special Offers page by visiting the Apple Store and clicking on the Special Deals link at the bottom left of the page.