Apple Offers Three Year Mac OS X Subscriptions To Corporate & Education Markets

Apple is offering a deal that you may not be able to pass up, if youire an IT manager of a group of Macs running OS X that is. Apple has announced the Maintenance Program for Mac OS X. Similar in some regards to Microsoftis Software Assurance subscription plan, the Maintenance Program for OS X gives the subscriber access to all updates to OS X, including major releases, over a three year period. From Apple:

Apple is pleased to announce the Maintenance Program for Mac OS X!!!! This Program will give Mac OS X users the opportunity to receive major releases to Mac OS X over a three-year period.

Please note: This Program applies to Mac OS X only -- not Mac OS X Server.

Maintenance Program key points include:

  • The Program period is three years, with payment at the beginning of the Program. Education accounts that are legally required to purchase software on an annual basis will be the exception.
  • The Maintenance Program covers those major releases of Mac OS X that Apple includes in the Program during its three-year term. Apple, however, makes no guarantees that any releases will be issued over the three-year period.
  • Customers who have not deployed the most recent Mac OS X reference release (currently Mac OS X v10.1) will be required to purchase a volume license for the most recent reference release to participate in the Maintenance Program.
  • Minimum Maintenance Program purchase is 10 seats, whether purchased for new or existing hardware
  • Customers cannot receive refunds if they cancel participation in the Maintenance Program before the end of the three-year term. Customers do have 14 days in which to cancel once they receive the agreement in the mail.
  • The Maintenance Program purchase takes place on a transactional basis, like Appleis existing Volume License program.
  • The Maintenance Program applies only to Mac OS X. It does not apply to Mac OS X Server. (See the Maintenance agreement for complete definition of what is included and excluded.)

When our customers enroll in the Maintenance Program, they will be sent a Maintenance agreement. Customers who have purchased the Maintenance agreement will be shipped upgrades that are included in the Program Maintenance Pricing

Number of Users, Retail price per seat, Education price per seat:

  • 10-99: US$69 per year (Three-year total: US$207) - Education: US$49 per year (Three-year total: US$147)
  • 100-999: US$59 per year (Three-year total: US$177) - Education: US$39 per year (Three-year total: US$117)
  • 1000+: US$49 per year (Three-year total: US$147) - Education: US$29 per year (Three-year total: US$87)

Note: Orders of 1000 units or more must be made directly with Apple.