Apple Offers Tips On Keeping Your Software Up To Date

Apple has an important article in the Knowledge Base offering tips on how to update your operating system and other software. Appleis Knowledge Base (sometimes referred to as the KBase) is a central location for all of Appleis support documents and other important information.

Along with keeping a recent backup, making sure software is current and up to date is something all computer users should do. Keeping software up to date helps eliminate bugs and exploits, adds new features, and can improve stability. Donit know how to update? Apple has the answer:

This document explains how to use the Software Update pane of System Preferences to update your software automatically, or how to locate a standalone installer when one is needed.

Periodically, Apple releases updates to your computeris software. You may locate and install them automatically, or manually via standalone installer.


I. Automatic Software Update

Using the Software Update feature of System Preferences, you can get updates immediately or schedule when Mac OS X checks for updates. Because some updates are prerequisites for others, you may need to use Software Update more than once to get all desired updates.


II. Downloadable standalone installers

Sometimes you may need to download the standalone installer file for a software update. These are available from Apple Featured Software ( Whereas the Software Update preference pane will force you to install software in the correct order, you should carefully read the stated system requirements before using standalone installer. Be sure to install them in the correct order when applicable, or only on compatible systems when applicable.


You can read the rest of the Knowledge Base article at Appleis Web site.