Apple Offers US$300 Off Of Office v.X With Any New Mac, More

Apple has announced a great new deal at the Hot Deals page at the Macintosh Product Guide. The Mac Product Guide is a list of Mac compatible hardware and software products on the market. The Hot Deals section of the Product guide feature several Mac retailers, including some new audio-oriented retailers, and special offers that one can only get, at least in theory, at the Hot Deals page.

First up is the Office Party deal, which is US$300 off of the price of Office v.X when purchased with a new Mac. The rules stipulate that both purchases have to be made at the same time, and the discount effectively makes Office v.X a US$199 purchase. The offer is valid from October 1st, 2002, until January 7th, 2003. The rules also state that the offer is not available through the education Apple Store, and that refurbished, used, and other promo Macs are not eligible. You can find the deal by clicking the "Office Party" link at Appleis Hot Deals page.

CDWis Hot Deals page has also been updated. CDW is offering some bundles on PowerMacs, PowerBooks, an 18.1" LCD, some software, storage, a printer, and a hefty discount on a 20 GB iPod. You can find

Lastly, CompUSAis Hot Deals have been updated. The retailer is offering recordable media, a keyboard, digital cameras, a battery backup, several displays, some software, and FireWire storage.

You can find the CDW Hot Deals page and the CompUSA Hot Deals page at the Mac Product Guide.