Apple Offers Up Rebates On PowerBooks, Cube

Apple computer announced today a new rebate program for those purchasing a PowerBook or a G4 Cube. PowerBook purchasers are eligible for a US$200 rebate, while those purchasing a G4 Cube and an Apple Cinema or Studio Display are eligible for a US$300 rebate. According to Apple:

Now the world?s most attractive desktop supercomputer is even more attractive. Simply buy a Power Mac G4 Cube with a matching 15" or 17" Apple Studio Display or panoramic 22" Apple Cinema Display, and you?ve got a tightly integrated desktop system offering gigaflop performance. And with the $300 mail-in rebate, you?ll have some extra cash to put towards software, printers, or AirPort wireless technology. It?s a square deal no matter how you look at it.

From desktop publishing to desktop movies, the PowerBook is the portable computer of choice for creative professionals. It delivers uncompromising performance in a stunning ? and stunningly light ? package. Now when you purchase a PowerBook you?ll get a mail-in rebate coupon for $200. Use it to expand memory (up to 512MB RAM), get an AirPort card for wireless capabilities, or an extra battery for up to 10 hours of portable power. Visit your Apple reseller today. Because now you?ve got 200 more reasons to buy a PowerBook.

You can find more information about the Cube and PowerBook rebates at the Apple web site.