Apple Offers iTMS Gift Certificates Through The Apple Store

Apple has added iTunes Music Store (iTMS) gift certificates to the online Apple Store. The company announced gift certificates when it launched iTunes 4.1 for the Mac and Windows in mid-October. As the name implies, gift certificates allow people to give pre-paid gifts to other iTMS users, be it for Mac or Windows. Observer Stan Shelvington noted that Apple is pushing the gift certificates on the home page of the Apple Store through an advert (see the screen shot below). iTMS gift certificates were previously available directly through the iTMS. The company is offering amounts from US$10 to US$200 in increments of US$10.

The Apple Storeis iTMS Gift Certificate

Note that gift certificates still require an activated iTMS account, which itself requires a valid credit card with a US-based billing address, even if you are only buying with a gift certificate. You can find more information on buying the gift certificates at the Apple Store.