Apple Officially Skips Version 1.1, Updates iPhoto To Version 1.1.1

Apple briefly released, then pulled, a 1.1 updater for iPhoto last week, but the company officially released version 1.1.1 of the app today. The new version includes several new features, including organization enhancements, minor new image editing features, the ability to use iPhoto to supply your desktop and/or your screensaver, the ability to export a QuickTime slideshow into iDVD, new search abilities, and more. From Apple:

Apple® today announced iPhoto™ 1.1, a free update to the application that has revolutionized the way consumers save, organize and share their digital photos. iPhoto 1.1 makes using digital photos even easier, including new brightness and contrast controls, integration with Mac® OS Xis Mail application for simple e-mailing of photos to family and friends, and controls for setting favorite photos as desktop backgrounds and screen saver slide shows.

Importing, editing, saving, organizing, printing and sharing digital photos is a snap with iPhoto. Simply plug a digital camera into a Mac via USB or FireWire® and iPhoto automatically imports, catalogs, stores and displays the photos on screen. Users can view individual shots for precise cropping, or see hundreds of photos on the screen at once and quickly scroll through thousands to find the one theyire looking for. iPhoto makes it easy to organize photos into digital albums—for birthdays, vacations, weddings or other occasions—for easy retrieval; as well as add names, comments or keywords to favorite photos. iPhoto brings a new level of simplicity and creativity to sharing digital photos with family and friends via the Web, e-mail, slide shows, Kodak prints or custom-printed, linen-covered hardbound books.*

In addition, with iPhoto 1.1 users can now:

  • perform quick and simple touch ups using new brightness and contrast controls;
  • automatically place selected photos into outgoing Mac OS X Mail messages, with a choice of compression options;
  • automatically place a favorite iPhoto image as the desktop background;
  • choose an iPhoto album to play as the Mac OS X screen saver slideshow;
  • create a self-contained QuickTime® slideshow that includes background music and elegant, cross-dissolved slide transitions;
  • easily add their QuickTime slide show to a DVD using iDVD™;
  • search the photo library by the text information in a photois comment field;
  • view all EXIF metadata associated with a photo JPEG file, such as creation date, shutter speed and f-stop;
  • preserve file names as photo titles when importing images from the Mac OS X Finder™; and
  • make more efficient use of printer paper with improved print templates.

iPhoto requires Mac OS X version 10.1.2 or later and a Macintosh with a built-in USB port. A Mac with at least a 400-MHz PowerPC G3 processor and 256MB RAM is recommended. Online ordering services are available in the U.S. and Canada and require the English-language version of iPhoto. Users who sign up for an Apple 1-Click account will receive ten free 4x6 Kodak prints when they place their iPhoto print order. Kodak prints are available for just $0.49 (US) per 4x6 print, up to a poster-sized 20x30 enlargement for just $19.99 (US). Custom-printed, linen-covered hardbound books are available for $29.99 (US) for the first 10 pages and $3 (US) for each additional page.

For a complete list of compatible digital cameras and printers, visit

*Ordering services available in U.S. and Canada; requires English-language version of iPhoto.

You can find more information on iPhoto and the update at Appleis iPhoto page. The updater itself is available immediately on Appleis iPhoto Download page. iPhoto is free.