Apple Officially Unveils Celebrity Switch Ads: Tony Hawk, DJ Qbert, Kelly Slater

We reported on Tuesday that Tony Hawk had posted what he said was a new Switch commercial, only to have it pulled shortly after we posted our story. Last night, Apple actually posted Tony Hawkis spot, as well as some other new celebrity Switch ads.

Tony Hawk is a world champion skateboarder (see our story from Tuesday for more background on Tony Hawk), and his spot features him discussing the importance of Final Cut Pro to both his personal life, and his business. It also includes actual skateboarding video footage that Mr. Hawk put together with Final Cut Pro.

DJ Qbert is a DJ with several CDs on the market. His Switch spot focuses on his love for scratching, and talks about how he uses Macs in his recordings. The commercial includes lots of examples of his scratching that plays on top of the Switch music.

Kelly Slater is a world champion surfer, and his Switch spot talks about making movies with iMovie. He says that iMovie is extremely easy, and the commercial features several scenes from surf movies made by Mr. Slater.

You can find the new Switch ads at Appleis Switch site.