Apple, On Building The Digital Classroom

Apple has posted a story on their site about a project at a Fremont high school that put 100 iBooks in the school. Titled "Creating The Digital School," the article includes the details of the program as well as lots of images. Definitely a feel-good piece, it does its job. From the article:

McGee and his students are among the first beneficiaries of a Digital High School grant that allows the school to purchase more than 150 new computers as well as train faculty how to prepare their students for the 21st century. More than 100 of the new computers are iBooks that roam around the campus in six mobile labs. Any of the nearly 100 teachers can check out the iBook labs and wheel them in and out of classrooms as needed. The iBooks, each equipped with AirPort technology, also provide wireless Internet access anywhere on campus.

"Our ultimate goal," says Principal Pete Tuana, "is to have every kid on a laptop within five years. One of the things Fremont is all about is how schools of the future should work. Thatis why our district, superintendent, and board have all embraced the notion of laptops for kids."

Read the entire piece at Appleis Web site for more information Itis definitely a good read and contains much more than what we quoted.