Apple Opening 3 Stores On November 19 [UPDATED]

Apple is opening three retail stores at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 19. The three California stores, The Gateway, Sherman Oaks, and Beverly Center, are planning a week long series of events to celebrate the Grand Openings, along with free training events and free prizes including T-shirts for the first 1000 visitors.

One lucky winner will walk away from each store with the grand prize, a "Digital Lifestyle Collection" valued at over US$2300, including a 17-inch iMac, iPod nano, Canon Powershot SD400 digital camera, Canon ZR100 digital camcorder, and an Epson CX4200 printer.

Appleis retail web site lists the Sherman Oaks and Beverly Center stores as "Coming Soon," but the online store schedules show grand openings on Saturday for both.

Apple has been opening a store each week since October. The latest additions include Staten Island, The Oaks, Burlington, and Brea Mall.

For a complete list of events, and directions to the new stores, visit the Apple Retail web site.

[This story was updated with information about two additional store openings]