Apple Pegs MAGMA For Proprietary Solutions Provider Program

MAGMA has announced that they have been selected by Apple for membership in Appleis Proprietary Solutions Provider program. The PSP program is a select group of companies that will sell Apple products and peripherals. According to MAGMA:

Mobility Electronics today announced that MAGMA, its wholly-owned subsidiary, has been selected by Apple Computer, Inc., to join an elite group of Apple system resellers in the Apple "Proprietary Solutions Provider" (PSP) program.

All Apple PSPis are selected on the basis of their experience in the Apple marketplace, the value of their complementary proprietary systems and their ability to meet Apple Quality Standards. MAGMA has been an active system component provider in the Apple market since shipping its first patented PCI expansion systems in 1995. As a result of this selection, MAGMA will begin reselling Apple Computer products in the United States, along with MAGMAis PCI Expansion products.

Effective immediately, when U.S. customers purchase a MAGMA PCI Expansion System, they may also purchase, at the same time, select Apple desktop (i.e., Power Mac() or laptop (i.e., PowerBook() computers direct from MAGMA, for use with their expansion systems.

More significantly, for customers seeking the ultimate in purchase convenience, MAGMA is now also offering PCI EXPanded Portables integrated with Apple PowerBook Computers featuring the Apple Titanium G4 PowerBook, integrated with the MAGMA 2 Slot CardBus PCI Expansion System, with an onboard SCSI controller and integrated SCSI disk drives. Users who want total portability may select integrated systems, which are fully DC ready - able to operate on any user supplied 12V DC power source, thus freeing users to take their integrated systems anywhere their imagination leads them.

You can find more information about their product line, and the PSP program, at the MAGMA Web site.