Apple Posts 22 Refurb Offers At Apple Store

Apple has added a ton of products to its refurb deals. The Apple Storeis Hot Deals page has a new link to "Special Buys," which takes you to the refurb offers at the Apple Store. The company has added some 22 Macs, displays, and iPods (Mac and Windows), and AirPort products.

Appleis refurb program includes returns that have gone through the companyis refurbish process. The prices depend on the product, with the best deal seeming to be US$199 for a previous generation 10 GB iPod. Product availability is limited to the companyis on-hand stock, so check the page to see whatis current. You may also wish to compare the price of the refurb model to that of a new to see how good a deal it is, as not all Apple refurb offers are created equal.

You can most easily find the "Special Deals" page by hitting the Apple Store Hot Deals page, and clicking on the "Special Deals" link.