Apple Posts Expanded "Concert" Commercial, Featuring More Musicians, Including Iggy Pop! (

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larger version of Iggy, if you dare. :-)

The boys and girls in Cupertino have been busy. Wait, this could be the people at Chiat/Day. Or maybe itis Iggy Pop himself. In any event, Apple has posted an expanded version of the commercial known as Concert, the latest commercial advertising iTunes and the Mac platform. The first version was posted on March 7th and has been met mostly with rave reviews from Mac users (check out the comments on the original story and the forum thread on this in our forums.)

In the expanded commercial, we see the young man whose goal is to make his own (legally owned, we are sure) mix CD come in from the rain into the theatre. Much more importantly, we see some more musicians, including one of our all-time favorite musicians, Iggy Pop, pictured in our lovely screen shot. [Editoris Note: Please note that "our" roughly translates to "my" in this particular case.] We also hear more from George Clinton, De La Soul, and Liil Kim. Aimee Mann and Wilco get speaking parts for the first time, and we see a bit more of someone we think is Dwight Yoakum.

Observer Justin pointed out to us a couple of days ago that Liil Kim is in a different place the two times we see her, and we noticed the same is true with Iggy Pop. The first time we see him, he is to the right of George Clinton (from the camerais viewpoint), but in the rest of the commercial he is behind, and to the left of Mr. Clinton. Not criticizing, mind you, just pointing it out.

Head over to Appleis Web site to see the commercial for yourself.