Apple Posts MySQL Tutorial On Apple Developer Connection

The Apple Developer Connection has posted a wonderful MySQL tutorial for Mac OS X, appropriately called "MySQL on Mac OS X." If you have an interest in database development for the Web, this tutorial is a must-read. MySQL is a free, and open source, database solution based on the Structured Query Language. This tutorial has notes on working with it, and how to install it securely. From the intro:

MySQL has become one of the most popular databases for Web applications. The database is well suited for common Web-related tasks like content management, and for implementing Web features like discussion boards and guestbooks. For a time, some developers avoided MySQL for commercial applications because it did not implement certain features, such as transactions. But this is no longer the case, and MySQL is a great choice for just about any Web-based application.

In this article Iill give you an overview of MySQLis features and drawbacks, show you how to install MySQL on Mac OS X, and introduce you to some of MySQLis notable technical aspects.

Check out the full article at the Apple Developer Connection on Appleis Web site.