Apple Posts New "Mastering Your Mac" Article

Apple sent us a note about the latest Mastering Your Mac article at Appleis Web site. The Mastering Your Mac series is designed to help users learn more about their Macs and is authored by Mac veteran David Pogue. This monthis installment is for iMovie 2 users. According to Apple:

A quick heads up to let you know weive just published a brand new Mastering Your Mac column by David Pogue in the Macintosh Products Guide. This monthis installment is a special exclusive sneak peek from Davidis upcoming book, "iMovie 2: The Missing Manual." The article is titled "Visual Effects in iMovie 2" and explores some of the way cool effects you can employ using iMovie 2is new powerful features.

Head to the full article at Appleis Web site. Itis a good read and has lots of good information.