Apple Posts New Switch Ads With Hard(er) Hitting Themes

Last week we mentioned that Apple was launching a new Switch campaign this past weekend, and the company has now posted the new Switch commercials at the Switch site Four of them break away from previous commercials in several ways. Each of the four spokespersons offers a specific reason for having Switched, including some harder hitting anti-Windows themes. One ad even goes so far as to actually show something different that one can do with a Mac.

Janie Porche describes how her father couldnit get a digital camera to work, and asks the question "Who wants to sit around on Christmas afternoon and download Windows drivers?" she asks in an exasperated tone. She closes with "Iim Janie Porche, and I saved Christmas." (Janie Porcheis Switch commercial.)

Gautum Godse breaks away entirely from Apple advertising by, and get this, actually showing something you can do on a Mac. Mr. Godse is enamored of iPhoto, and proudly flips through images in the hardback photo book he ordered through iPhoto. He doesnit understand why "nobody out there with all their billions of dollars in research canit produce a simple thing like iPhoto which Apple has done." He concludes with "Nobody does that in the PC world. Thatis why I switched to Apple." Appleis advertising has specifically stayed away from showing Macs at work, or showing actual work done with a Mac, and this commercial marks a nice contrast to that. (Gautum Godseis Switch commercial.)

Theresa McPherson talks about how she decided to go with Macs when she opened her own business because Windows machines crashed too often. She briefly describes how she has her own network of Macs and is able to figure it out for herself. "I donit have to have an IT department," she claims. (Theresa McPhersonis Switch commercial.)

Jeremiah Cohik offers our favorite new Switch commercial. Mr. Cohik is a young man who starts off by saying "I used to bash Macs, but that was more a move out of ignorance," a theme that many long-term Mac users will recognize from their own daily-interactions with PC users. Itis also a theme that will strike a chord with many a potential Switcher watching the commercial. At the end of the spot, he extols "Get out of your Windows world! Itis not worth it!" This spot seems to be aimed at young people, and in a much different way than the now super-popular Ellen Feiss ads. (Jeremiah Cohickis Switch commercial.)

You can see all of the new Switch ads at Appleis Switch site. Thanks to Observers Justin and dbergey for pointing out there were more than four new ads.