Apple Posts New iPod Ad, Steriogram's "Walkie Talkie Man"

Apple has posted a new iPod ad. The ad features the music of Steriogram with a song called "Walkie Talkie Man," which comes from the groupis Schmack CD.

The ad posted on Appleis Web site clocks in at two minutes, and features yet another style of dancing. The commercial was shot following the same silhouette format as previous iPod ads (see below), but with one minor change. Observer Mav noted in the TMO forums that the tag line at the end of the ad reads "PC or Mac," instead of the previously used "Mac or PC."

A couple of screen shots from the ad:

The opening count off in Appleis new "Walkie Talkie Man" ad.

"PC or Mac"

You can find the ad at Appleis iPod advertising Web page.